Styled to Empower

Practices and Commitments

Established in 1994
Teamwork as a habit to succeed
Being Innovative in order to stay ahead of competition
Improving the socio-economic status of team members
Recognizing team members who carry out sustainability drives
Encouraging team to co-opt, adopt and nurture social causes

Our Goals

  • Producing Best Merchandise
  • Achieving 95% + On time delivery
  • Develop Best Washing solutions
  • Offer total solution for Sampling
  • Establish a Full fledged Laboratory
  • Achieve Self Certification for product Quality
  • Achieve a Growth Rate of 15 - 20% YOY

Our Beliefs

  • Teamwork to cultivate the habit of helping one another to succeed.
  • Tri-party interdependence like employer-employee-customer
  • Innovative in order to constantly improve to meet the challenges in the future and continue to stay ahead of competition.

Our Values

  • Responsibility towards building a better nation by contributing towards improving the socio-economic growth of each and every individual working in our organization.
  • Meritocratic recognition of team players who are doing their best and putting in their effort in improving and maintaining quality and quantity of the produced garments.
  • Growth of the organization is directly proportional to generation of turn-over and profits which in turn will help improve the rewards and benefits to the teams.
  • Social goodwill and organization’s equity are paramount.
Brands we work with